Newspaper December 2016

The Debate

8 page newspaper communicating the 1972 debate between legends of Graphic Design Wim Crouwel and Jan Van Toorn, inspired by the first publishing of the complete transcript in 2015. Printed entirely in black and orange as to represent the Dutch heritage of both designers.

Interference, Logo a No No & Typo Hacker December 2017

Research Document

60 page documentation of 3 consecutive projects. I produced this Visual Research document in response to the grading bias favouring those who effectively pay to win when spending unreasonable amounts of money as a means of substituting ambition, inventiveness and genuine application of new self taught skills. This document was produced solely with what was left from the projects themselves, printed in black and white on my home printer. The alternating, 3 spine, screw bound design is in protest of the perpetual use of perfect binding.

Full Flow  Januray 2017

Textile Prints

Collaborative project themed around the music genre Grime. Photographs taken by group member, textile designed by me.

Genius Loci January 2017


15 second film capturing the spirit of the London night bus, as all rules and reality disband on a timeless journey somewhere between 11pm and 6am.

Species of Spaces March 2017

The Apartment

Typographic response using all the text from the following chapters — The Apartment, The Apartment Building, The Street of Species of Spaces by Goerges Perec. Print based outcome in which the use of photographic images/illustrations is strictly prohibited. Screenprinted wallpaper, coptic bound risoprinted books & research document.

Type Tribute December 2017


12 inch vinyl LP, cassette, and coordinated digital download format using the prompts “loop” and the typeface Blur. No images, all outcomes are typographic using only a single typeface.

Blood and Grease  November 2018

Dying to Ride t-shirts

Inspired by an unlucky bike crash and its consequent impressions left on my t-shirt, I present you a harmless rendition of said events. From hand made screenprinted T-shirts and patches to spoke cards. Blood and Grease that's how we roll. 

Typographic Title January 2017

The Mother and the Child

Type inspired by the duality and connection between mother and child.

Interference  May 2018

Vauxhall Bridge

Using digital media to bring the rarely seen statues along the arches of Vauxhall Bridge to the surface.

Full Flow March 2018

Visual Research Document

30 page documentation of a collaborative project themed around the music genre Grime. Why make a print only to take a photo and print this to use it in your final bound piece, when the original holds more value in colour, texture and process. Individual prints ranging from letterpress, riso and textile screen printing are bound together in a deconstructed Japanese bind.

CTS Catalogue. May 2017.

Portfolio of Writing

As inspired by the content covering analogue technologies, and the contest between print and digital media, this catalogue is designed in such a way that it embraces what print has to offer.

Logo a No No Too May 2018

Commute (Visual Research Document)

Recording symbols and abstractions from my daily commute.

R/GA Winnow Collaborative Project April 2018

Trash Talk

A domestic bin that publicly shames your waste habits audibly to you and your social media, with the aim to reduce food waste.

Publishing work:

Cyclist Magazine Track Days Booklet 2019

Feature spreads for Cyclist Magazine Issue 87

Assisted design for 5 Ingredient Vegan by Katy Beskow

Assisted cover design for Mixed Feelings by Niomi Shimada and Sarah Raphael


Quadrille stand for 2019 London Stationery Show

Hardie Grant Publishing stand for 2019 Beijing International Book Fair

London is a Forest window vinyl for Foyles Southbank