Case Study: Lily

I was actually approached by Lily, after she heard that I had chosen Synesthesia as my topic for my FMP. There's a natural curiosity in synesthetes to discover how another person sees the world within the realms of the same condition. While talking to her, familiar phrases were said: "I've always had it", much like most, if not all, synesthetes I have spoken to or read about have said. She experiences also follow a similar timeline as others; one day realising that not everyone experiences the world the way she does. 

Lily has a strong sense of Spacial Sequencing, 49.3% of synesthetes who have grapheme to colour Synesthesia experience this form. Other elements of grapheme to colour Synesthesia have additionally influenced her: "Isleworth" transmitting the colour purple, and the number "8" both pink or green.

Below are her sketches of how she perceives Months, Age, Weekdays, Centuries, Years and Number Lines. Each with a distinct 3-dimensional ribbon effect, which she views to be placed in front of her, and additionally appears when dates are mentioned. 

I see a lot of value in talking with people who have synesthesia, as a project based solely on my experiences would be self-indulgently uninteresting. The variety of experiences within the same neurological condition presents itself with the central idea of: All the same, but different. This project isn't about me, its about Synesthesia, I just happen to have it too.