Case Study: Luke

Luke contacted me after reading my message on the Synesthesia email community. He sent me this image; a visual depiction of what frustration feels/looks like.

"It's what I see when I get frustrated (though in real life, it's orange and red). It's all I see when I'm frustrated... I see it flying at my face, I'll hear what sort of sounds like a cross between wind and white noise, and I will feel like my brain is fizzling away in acid or something. If my frustration is intense enough, I'll feel it traveling down my back and up my hands/arms as well. I'm usually unable to think much in that state, and after it is gone, my head stays mostly empty of words for several hours. I try to avoid potentially frustrating situations because of this."

Here I've just simply added a layer of colour digitally to bring the sketch closer to reality. 

Sensory Overload is something synesthetes can experience, when too many stimuli are being processed or produced. Too loud music, flashing lights... these can all induce Sensory Overload. 

Putinski, v. (2016). Synesthesia picture. [email].