FMP Proposal

Project Name: Tangible Synesthesia.

I'm really excited for this project, because the subject is so close to me. However I don't want the project to be about my Synesthesia, but rather about multiple aspects of Synesthesia. This project will also enable me to research types of Synesthesia I haven't read much about. I've never had this long on a project, thus excited to see what the outcome of it will be. So far useful research has been Gita Zimmermann's work; it is well presented, covers the topic of Synesthesia and is a great contextual reference when looking at bookbinding. I'm quite interested in bookbinding at the moment, and feel like a book could be a successful outcome. Nonetheless, I'm taking my tutor's advice here, to not have a final outcome in mind already. I've previously worked in this manner, knowing where my project will take me, but I don't want to spent 6 weeks knowing exactly where I'm going. It's worked well on short projects, but I want to experiment with media, presentation and ideas to find the best solution, not the first. Maybe my project does lead me towards a book, I will know that it is because I tried different solutions and a book was the best solution.