Reaching Out to an Online Community

I've been on an online Synesthesia Community since I was 16, sharing my experiences and learning about those of others. I've learnt about Synesthesia though personal stories, which are much easier to connect with, and more interesting, than text book material. The uniqueness and somewhat strangeness comes across much more through this community. I see a lot of potential for this as a resource in my research. I will be sending out an email asking others to send me their visual depictions, either through drawing or other media, of their synesthetic experiences. The reason I am doing this along side speaking to people in real life, is due to numbers. I am able to reach a greater audience and collect a variety of different experiences, incorporating them into my design decisions. I've struggled finding people in London which whom I could meet and talk to them about Synesthesia, perhaps flyers on University Notice boards are a good solution. 

I found this post particularly interesting, as it demonstrates Synesthesia in a young child. Moreover because the actions are so specific, I haven't seen or heard about as strong a sense of colour to person anywhere else. 

Another reason why this community is so valuable in my mind, is the simplicity and precision of answers given. These may sometime feel bizarre, but only because of the text book approach Synesthesia is talked about. Without giving examples, purely stating that words can evoke taste, only a shallow representation is given. 

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