The Information Principle

I discussed this in a previous post, but feel as if a visual representation is far more effective in communicating specific synesthetic events. This emphasizes the need of visual aids in the description of Synesthesia, as words are often not enough. After thinking about it, this does make sense, how could you ever describe multiple senses coming together while on using one to express it/them ?

"When a synesthete sees a 6 printed in black ink, she knows it is black and sees it as black, but she also has the experience of greenness. This experience of green is automatic and involuntary... Typically it is a little disconcerting for a synesthete to view a letter in the "wrong" color - for example, looking at a red 6 when it seems to that individual that only 3 can be red."

Cytowic, Richard E, and David Eagleman. Wednesday Is Indigo Blue. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2009. Print.