Week 1: Day 1

After presenting my idea to my FMP group, I feel quite confident moving on with my project. I was told that my idea had a lot of potential, and could either turn out great. Concerns that arose were mainly themes around communication. A fear that I have is that my project does not communicate Synesthesia or that viewers will not understand the subject / outcome. The way I'm going to handle this is through exploring and informing, not only will my project be about creating visual representations of synesthetic reactions, but will also serve as an explanation as to what synesthesia is. 

Another fear I have is that the project might be to self indulgent, thats why I've included other synesthetes in my research. A quote was used in my FMP group: "all the same but different", this lead me to consider the implications of the same conditions which produces different reactions. Visually this could be interesting to explore, simply taking the coloured alphabet, my friends and I completed, and overlaying colours in print could be a potential outcome. I'd like to build on this idea. I'd need more synesthetes to fully explore the idea, rather than the limited number of 3 people which I have currently. 

My FMP group will be very useful, by providing me with a "test group" to whom I can present ideas and receive honest feedback regarding the effectiveness of my communication. Additionally, a member in my group might face similar issues in communications, as her project is about a specific condition that she has. I feel as if we could offer each other valuable feedback, tackling similar problems with different conditions. 

An Artist that was suggested to be was Karel Martens, as his use of print, colour and form is similar to that which I was describing a potential outcome.