Week 1 Day 2

I've researched galleries and exhibitions which are currently happening in London, concerning Synesthesia, and as expected found almost nothing. Apart from the Wellcome Collection and its current "states of mind" exhibition, there is virtually nothing. I did however find exhibitions of Artist who have previously work on projects involving synesthesia or involve interesting themes which might seem unrelated to synesthesia, but are valise resources for me in terms of their communication and presentation. For example the Herrick Gallery's current exhibition SPECTRUM  "is a celebration of contemporary painters who reconstruct and play with our perceptions of landscape, objects and environments, real and imagined" (Herrick Gallery, 2016). While these themes can be incorporated back into my own work, I would obviously rather view more work concerning Synesthesia itself. It seems like a shame that not more Artists and Designers embrace their synesthesia and incorporate this into their work. 

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I've been looking for different ways in which to represent Synesthesia, as I don't want to go down the conventional painting route. I found this piece while writing my proposal, and it perfectly captures the essense of Synesthesia in a new way. Furthermore, this piece portrays a different type of Synesthesia: Sound to Colour (or Chromesthesia). This is often done in the format of a song which has been translated into a visual representation of it using paint. This too is a song, but its been transposed in colour. I've never seen this done before, thus might be slightly biased in thinking this is more interesting because its new to me. However, visually they are also intersting, there is a strong sense of Graphic Design in its layout.