Week 1 Day 5

I've been gathering different accounts of people's Synesthesia, my own, that from books and from first hand interaction with others. This will give me a larger scope on the subject, but also provide me with a diverse enough pool of information to make more interesting experiments and outcomes with. For instance, I'd like to overlay all the colours of the alphabet of the colours of another person's alphabet via screen printing. 

I still have a lot of gathering to do, books such as Wednesday is Indigo Blue is significantly helping me with this. Furthermore I can also use myself as a resource. Previous posts will also include valuable case studies and sketches that I have not included in this post. For now, a table containing each letter of the alphabet and its corresponding colour, according to each person, would help me organise all this information far more effectively. What I want to do requires preparation and planning to communicate clearly. 

Cytowic, Richard E, and David Eagleman. Wednesday Is Indigo Blue. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2009. Print.