Week 2 Day 1

I've booked myself in for a few days of printing, using today to prepare everything for tomorrow and the days after. I'm currently working on screen print ideas, working with overlaying colours and typography. I'd also like to use the letter press tomorrow, I don't think I will achieve quite the look I'm going for using this technique compared to screen printing, but it is worth to experiment with as much media as I can. There is value in the mistakes and coincidences of creation, I love working with these, specifically trying to problem solve and transform happy little accidents into interesting design choices. 

I'd like to create something roughly like this; bold letters in their corresponding colours, with a reference to Synesthesia. It's a quite simple design, but will allow me to layer the design over and over with different colours. 

I wasn't really happy with that first attempt, it got the message across, but the layout was not composed very well. The "Z" hanging on the last line at by itself  threw the balance off. I'm not saying that cramming every single letter onto 4 individual lines is ideal, but it works better spatially. 

The reason everything looked warped was in my choice of font, and the domino effect that followed. I used Helvetic in the first two examples, since Helvetica seems to be everyone's go to font. I personally can't work with it, it has no personality. Warping it made it seem more like Futura, my preferred typeface. So I've just gone ahead and changed it to Futura. The finer lines will create a better effect when layering different colours over each other. 

Like I've said before, my experiences alone don't make an interesting project. Combing the unique perceptions from different people, under the same parameter creates an interesting look. It provokes more, raises more questions, such as why aren't all the colours the same? It also has an element of statistics and information to it. I like combing Art and Science, to me that seems the perfect task for Graphic Design. 

I've spoken with print tutors to discuss the feasibility of this design, and it should work. There will be many many steps involved: blacking certain areas off, washing the screen, drying it, and starting all over, but I've allocated this week solely to the print workshop. While everything is drying I can use the letter press, alternating between the two for maximum productivity. The reason I'm going through this effort is because I believe the outcome will the worth it. Screen prints, in their media, transform my digital ideas into real objects to closely to how I imagine them in my mind. Their visual aesthetic is also very pleasing. 

I feel confident with the way this project is coming along, I've done a lot of research and there is still more research to come. This has set me up for a great Week 2 of making and experimenting. I feel very confident in my Blog, it contains a multitude of sources (including Interviews, emails, books...) and it is visually guiding me through the project. Theres a sense of progression, which can be seen in my timeline of posts.