Words & Language

I don't think I have explored this enough during my Foundation, especially since I speak 3 languages. There seems to be a lot of potential here for a project, even combing all languages together visually. Off the top of my head I'd like to screen print words over each other, perhaps focusing on the meaning lost through the process of translation. Language fascinates me, particularly words that are not translatable or so specific to a culture that they are not reproduced in another language. UAL seems like the right place to take on such a project, with the multitude of cultures and languages spoken. 

What I have done, is use words as methods of extending my work. Often time my pieces and projects require titles to fully make sense, this incorporates my background in Fine Art back into Graphic Design. I like using word and language for humour and sarcasm. For instance in my book project words and language were use to create self referential comments about the books themselves. I enjoy this use of language the most; playing with convention and distorting it.