Answering Questions

I feel like I've been asking all the questions lately, when I should be asking myself questions and be asked questions too. My project about Synesthesia, being a very personal subject to me, should allow me to dig deeper into my personal experiences. I'm fortunate to be doing a project about Synesthesia and have Synesthesia at the same time, I'm both researcher and subject, a 24/7 resource to myself. 

A series of questions appeared on the Synesthesia community, and made me realise all of this. Moreover, as other project are evolving in the studio I am being asked more and more questions for classmate's projects. I've been enjoying these, and would like to incorporate this more into my own researching process. 

Marina. (2016). art student seeking information from synesthetes. [email].

What do you see when you listen to the songs Free Fallin, Hallelujah and Lucky by Radiohead? 

Free Fallin: Sharp yellow lines, reminds me of the game Mikado, vocals are brown/red flakes, the harmony is navy blue

Hallelujah: Since there are so many covers, it really depends on the artist. Instruments and voice evoke colours in song to me, lyrics alone don't do much. Obviously if the lyrics are written down the words and letters would have colours to me. 

Lucky: Deep red/Purple, whole, round, no sharp edges in the instrumentals, the vocals scratch at this circular (2D) shape/blob-like form. Around 1:10 the circle lifts up and becomes a pillar/column. Yellow light is shining onto this construction.

What colours do you associate with the numbers 1 - 10?

What colour and texture do you associate with the following words: Blow Dryer, Furry, Jennifer, Nine, Anchovies, Febreze, Pretzels, Aerosmith and Larping?

Blow Dryer: Deep red/maroon/purple, splashes of yellow. 

Furry: Green/yellow

Jennifer: Orange/yellow and a little bit of green.

Nine: Orange/Yellow

Anchovies: Purple, green, yellow

Febreze: Green, yellow, little bit of blue

Pretzels: Red/maroon/purple, yellow

Aerosmith: Red/maroon/purple, yellow

Larping: Red, Yellow, bright

How do you see the months of the year?

January: Light blue, speck of yellow

February: Green, specks of red

March: Yellow

April: Red, fades to yellow

May: Yellow

June: Red/yellow, not orange

July: Same as June, but more yellow

August: Maroon/red/purple

September: Yellow

October: Blue

November: Yellow/orange

December: Purple, yellow

How do you see the days of the week?

Monday: Yellow

Tuesday: Green, yellow haze

Wednesday: Blue/purple, yellow

Thursday: Purple/blue, green, yellow

Friday: Green, blue

Saturday: Yellow

Sunday: Like Saturday, but brighter