Case Study: CC Hart

"I saw your request for experiences with the color blue on Sean A. Day's synesthesia list. I have grapheme-color synesthesia, and I've been putting together an alphabet of colored letters that match my synesthetic perception. Attached are photos of my three blue letters: A, C, and S." 

"Because I also see numbers in color, I associate specific decades with color. For example, the 1920's are deep blue. I've attached a photo of myself from a roaring '20's party layered with a blue filter. This is how I "see" myself in relationship to the era. If you'd like me to elaborate on my experiences, I'd be happy to do so."

I'm always so surprised when other synesthetes see letters I so strongly associate with another particular colours. C and S are unquestionably yellow in my mind. I love the style of the letters A, C and S attached int eh email. I also really enjoyed reading more about other synesthete's experiences, CC's website being one of them:

Images by CC Hart, 2016. Hart, C. (2016). Blue!. [email].