Things That are Blue (cont. DATA COLLECTION)

·       Lola: 2, Foot massages

·       Rebecca: D, T, 2, Tuesday, December, 2000-2008

·       Ben: 4, four, IV

·       Aaron: Mentors, teachers, role models

·       Patricia: C, T, J, July, Tuesday, Thursday, Coincidence

·       CC: A, C, S, 1920s

·       Anna: 5, 47, Clarinets, Electronic Bass

·       Mark R.: John Mayer’s Voice, The smell of Sugar, The taste of Tomatoes, Front flips with a half twist, A, F, V, W, 2, 4

·       Mark N.: Pink’s Voice, The Smell of Vanilla Incense, The texture of Coffee with Heavy Cream

·       Christine: Louis’ Music Taste, Windows, 6, 8

·       Helene: Guitar Riffs from Dream On - Aerosmith, Pianos, 3


I really like the look of halftone images, and would like to use these as the illustrations of my book. I'm still debating whether or not I want blue paper with black/white illustrations, white paper with blue/black illustrations or black paper with white/blue illustrations. The best idea is just to try all of these and then decide.