Week 2 Day 4

Back in the printing room, things should be coming along quicker now that the screen is prepared, paints are mixed and I have a step by step method. I feel like I've found a rhythm. Unlike Tuesday though, I'm printing alone today, which might not be as efficient, but the results are the same. Having Carla and I work as a team; holding things while the other is putting things away, changing over and printing, then repeating this over, was definitely less messy, and we were able to work at a faster pace. However, I like working alone too, I've found my pace and can sustain this comfortably, while still producing quality work. 

There was a slight mishap today, a group of photographers were in the print room capturing students working, this was distracting. I forgot to cover certain letters on the back of my screen, thus printing every letter in yellow over my previous work.

Personally, I don't mind, I planned in that things like these would happen. I have enough screen prints left to continue, and I'm surprised I have not made more mistakes yet. Additionally, something must have happened to the alignment which I set up on Tuesday over Wednesday when I was not in studio. This served as a visual cue to realign everything, again I don't mind, as long as I am noticing these mishaps and doing something about them. Some good did come out of it; I got a preview of what the colour will look like layered upon others.