Week 3 Day 1

I've been doing a lot of screen printing lately, which made me think; I'm spending a lot of time in the print room, why not use more of its equipment. I though letter press would be a good example of how someone with synesthesia sees and already existing letterform, but applies their colour to it. While letter press and its application of colour is conscious, that of a synesthete is involuntary, subconscious and consistent. I began thinking of a photo series alongside text, explaining Synesthesia through the metaphor of letterpress. 

I finally completed the second layer of my Synesthesia comparison print, which I had predicted to complete in week 2. I am still not done with the 3rd layer of colour which follows, thus having to reconsider my timing and planning choices. However, considering the rate at which I am working now, and how my printing has accelerated, I feel that one more day on this print would be sufficient. I want to complete this, so I can move on to other media and processes. Being held back by experimentation is not what I want to be doing right now.