Week 3 Day 2

Day 2 marks me completing the screenprints I've been working on. I particularly like the "incomplete" ones, depicting only the letters of a certain colour. I talked to my FMP group about this, and they agree, that the reason these specific screenprints are interesting is through their patterns. They appear to be presenting information, rather like statistics or visualising data. I took a quote from the group, regarding the aesthetic of the one coloured screenprints, and applied that principle to a multi coloured print. "Randomness" was used to describe my work, and I fell that this reflects what Synesthesia is, a random, yet consistent, associations. 

I feel like my screenprints have helped me develop my screenprinting skills further, which is useful to me since a final outcome in the media of print is a likely option. Visually they are very interesting, and reflect the information based design that I wanted to achieve. Perhaps they could have been more successful if I hadn't included the word Synesthesia in the design, at least I've been told so my my tutor. I however disagree, I feel that my project both needs to inform and explore Synesthesia. At this point I don't feel as if I can simply through my viewer into a subject they are not familiar with. Including the word Synesthesia in the design gives my viewer a reference point, and when showing class mates who were unfamiliar with Synesthesia this helped them grasp the subject. I do see potential for a print based solely upon the colours of the alphabet without stating Synesthesia directly in its design, yet for now I only see this happening in a book or series of works which all illustrate Synesthesia.