Week 3 Day 3

Time has been passing by very quickly, already in week 3 of the project, I feel as if I need to accelerate a bit more. Problems I've encountered so far is simply work speed, I don't feel as if I am producing enough work. My week of screen printing might have affected this, taking up all my time. Yet I think that time was worth it as I am proud of my results and have received great comments on all of my screen print work. It's time to look into different media. I've begun my book making experimentation, in which media contributes to the message of Synesthesia. Other problems come from insecurity, I still don't know what my final outcome will be. I don't like not feeling in control, my action plan is helping me with that, showing me that I still have time to be uncertain and that experimentation is of highest priority right now. I need to do more contextual research, and have already found artists from various discipline to look at. Completing this shouldn't be an issue, it was simply starting it. Ive also seen a lot of collage work, and would like to give this a try. This way I am broadening my visual research and could even spark more ideas. Speaking with multiple tutors have been helpful at this stage, even if their opinions wary greatly. I don't mind this, as it strengthens my opinions and positions of design decisions. Something I am most proud of is that this project has been entirely self directed, with the feedback of others of course, but planned and executed by me.