Week 4 Day 5

Brain from: Getty Images, (2016). Brain. [image] Available at: http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/photos/brain?family=creative&license=rf&phrase=brain&sort=best&excludenudity=true [Accessed 15 Mar. 2016].

Screenprinting again, I couldn't resist. My experiments with the motif of the brain sparked more ideas which I though screenprinting would be perfect for. The fact that you can move a screen around, thus spatially translating the image, allows for interesting visuals. The idea behind these prints is related to the overlapping of senses. I could physically move the visual representation of the senses around, into the areas of other senses to demonstrate what Synesthesia is. 

I'm so pleased with the marbled effect, I first discovered this for myself (as I'm sure others got there where before me) during the Part 2 Typography project. I first explored this after feed back from my tutor, urging me to go further with my screen prints in their construction and complexity, colour and its layering being a main focus. I'm happy to see so many ideas of mine from parts 1 and 2 of my course flourish again, as it demonstrates to me that I have learnt valuable new skills and gives he hope that I will continue to build on my past practice.