Week 5 Day 4

Today's goals are to gather the materials, knowledge and to do lists to continue working by myself at home. Obviously I would prefer to continue working in the workshops and studios, but I feel confident in my abilities and progress to sustain my work at home. My concerns right now are how I will continue working while away for a week visiting my family in Switzerland. I've thought about this, and have come the the conclusion that I could use this time to work on my sketchbook and refections on my blog. Furthermore, I could use time to layout more books on InDesign to them work on making into physical books when I get back. My one week holiday in Switzerland in sandwiched right in the middle of the two weeks Easter break, thus I time before and after to physically make books, and a week in between the layout more and work on my sketchbook. Additionally, while away in Switzerland I can work on my Evaluative Statement and all the other paper paper work that needs to be completed. 

I've also been thinking up more book ideas, as a series of books on Synesthesia is what I want my final outcome to be. Blogs, especially Tumblr, have been a great resource for this. While I have been reading multiple scientific book which vast knowledge on Synesthesia, they don't compare the down to earth commentary of an actual Synesthete. I particularly like this website, as it approaches Synesthesia in such a down to earth and almost comical manner. I see my own work in a similar way, though really enjoying other people see the world in a similar way.