Week 5 Day 5

Things That are Blue (Complete Data):

·       Lola: 2, Foot massages

·       Rebecca: D, T, 2, Tuesday, December, 2000-2008

·       Ben: 4, four, IV

·       Aaron: Mentors, teachers, role models

·       Patricia: C, T, J, July, Tuesday, Thursday, Coincidence

·       CC: A, C, S, 1920s

·       Anna: 5, 47, Clarinets, Electronic Bass

·       Mark: John Mayer’s Voice, The smell of Sugar, The taste of Tomatoes, Front flips with a half twist, A, F, V, W, 2, 4

·       Mark N.: Pink’s Voice, The Smell of Vanilla Incense, The texture of Coffee with Heavy Cream

·       Christine: my Music Taste, Windows, 6, 8

·       Helene: Guitar Riffs, Piano, 3

·       Elliot: The letters B, L, O, and W, 9 and 6 are also shades of blue, The sound of a piano, Circles

·       Aaron W.: Me, the taste of tomatoes, Ukulele and guitar sounds, cheeseburgers are bluey green

·       Amanda: Cold temperatures are blue (temperature>colour), The feelings of loneliness, emptiness, paranoia, and calmness are all shades of blue (emotion>colour), Males with red hair always have a blue aura.

·       Sarah: A, 4, the sound of an antique John Deere running, Monday, April, August, Math

·       Anonymous: O, S. O is a dark blue and S is a light blue, 2 is a darker blue, Circles, September (not the word like the actual month)

·       Anonymous: the letters A(lowercase) and D(uppercase), the months of April and January, and December, the number 4

·       Alayna: happiness and nice people

·       Carlyn: the number 3 is purplish blue, the vocals in songs by Black Tide and Guns N Roses - more specifically bright darkish blue glowing circles that aren’t filled in, a bunch of songs by Animals As Leaders have lots of blue elements in them

·       Kryx: Tuesday, Saturday

·       Sandra: O, T, 5, 6

·       Abby: E, M, P, march, may, September, Monday, 2, 5

·       Star: B, Z, December, Katy Perry’s voice, pianos, flutes

·       Rosa: D, 4, blue, circles, musical symbol fermata

·       Jade: Wednesday, 5

·       Anonymous: B, L, W, X, 2, bed, cold soup

·       Rachel: B, L, O, W, December, Wednesday, 7, 4, biology

·       Sammy: 8, doctor, biology, satin

·       Amy: B, S, T, April, 2, 6

·       Meghan: January, Saturday

·       Camillé: Tuesday, French horn, January

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