Feed Back

The feedback towards my project has been very positive. My main goal by giving people my books is to see how they will react with them. I'm glad people are looking at my visual interpretations of Synesthesia, but I wish they'd read it from beginning to end. My work always has more meaning when looked at in its entirely, this ties back to the way in which I work: conceptually. I've chosen to avoid tutors for feed back on the content of my books, since they all know what Synesthesia is. Instead, I've given my books and dummies to people know are not aware of it. This way I can more accurately tell if they are doing their job as I intend them to. For the most part they do, as people recall hearing about Synesthesia in the past, and if not this strikes up conversation and question. My goal with all my work is always to get viewers questioning, but its been hard balancing this with the aim of informing people about Synesthesia. As long as you read my books, you'll understand. Skimming does not do the concept justice, there are details you might miss.