How I want to display my work (Exhibition Talk)

In the exhibition, I'd like to display more book than I am handing in. I'de like to display certain dummies that I feel have valuable things to say, however were excluded from the final outcomes during hand in. For example "The Yellow Wall-Paper" was excluded since I felt it did not quite fit in with the other books, add it would have required more books to be added to the final cut. Other books were excluded because they were simply a multiple of another book I am handing in. Finally, certain books just didn't meet the quality and quality I'd like to be graded on. 

Ideally, I'd like to display my books in a book shelf, as this is how I originally envisioned my work to be shown. The bookshelf also acts as a way to invite people to read my books. I have also considered the option of a table, displaying my books side by side. This seems less inviting, but would place more emphasis on my over design of the book. My fears are that my books will not be read in their entirely, this shouldn't be a hard task, as they are mostly images. However, I know that my tutors will take their time and read what I have written. I'd like to have some chairs to invite people to stay longer to look at my books.