I Don't Agree With Your Alphabet (Book)

While out of wifi reach, I've been doing the layout of all of my books, the idea for which was inspired by going through magazines and "correcting" the colours of the text within. The choice of typeface goes back to when I made a hardcover version of "The Yellow-Wallpaper", as I really liked the font. I don't usually like serif fonts, I don't feel as if they lack a more current style, and are never quite relevant to my needs. The exceptions I have found over this project are Bernard MT Condensed and American Typewriter, which will be added to my very short list of liked serif fonts: Rockwell. I feel as if they have more of a personality over other serif fonts. Also, when enlarged to an unreasonable size for a conventional book, but rather to demonstrate shape and colour, Bernard MT Condensed fits my needs. 

The letters are wide enough to show the colour clearly, without having to distort them. I've also added labels to clarify that these are actual people's Synesthesia I am comparing against another. I have enough data to complete more "case study" colour samples, but for the small, landscape format I want, 6 is the right choice. Adding the world average / mode colour was a good choice in my mind, as it seemingly adds more data to my book, and further compares Synesthesia across a wider scope. I've also added my name "Christine" to the right hand page. 

Sadly, when going to print, Bernard MT Condensed what not available in the UAL Library's InDesign typebase. I had to change font. I went for Polar as is does the same job.