Last Week (Update)

My work for the project Tangible Synesthesia seeks to finds ways to translate unique experiences into physical objects for others, Synesthetes or not, to hold and explore. Bookbinding has been the main outlet of this, creating unique content under a general theme. My book, Things That Are Blue does just this; unrelated synesthetic experiences become patterns that form a greater documentation of “blue” experiences. I’ve explicitly decided to avoid any definition of Synesthesia in my work, as I feel my books themselves express Synesthesia in their own way. Furthermore, the textbook approach to Synesthesia is avoided this way; the outcomes are the genuine, personal and unique experiences from Synesthetes. The books I have made are not afraid of admitting to the novelty of Synesthesia, while remaining a neutral position to its uses or hindrances. My project faces Synesthesia head on, to inform and explore was the aim.