Problem Solving Until You Get There (A Synesthetic Alphabet)

As suspected there are those days where everything seems to go wrong. I caught some mistakes before they happened, but others slipped past me. This entry should really be called problem solving the problem solving. 

Problem: Booklet settings wrong, printing too big.

Solution: Stop the printer, start again.

Problem: Printer picks up two papers at once in the middle of printing and applies the double sided booklet settings to the stuck together papers. I effectively have 2 single sided papers where I should have 1 double sided page. This causes the last page to print on the wrong paper. 

Solution: Print again. 

Problem: Nice 130g paper running low.

Solution: Plan out every move. 

Problem: End paper for book binding too small

Solution: Bigger paper, easy. 

Problem: Printer settings wrong. Large paper unusable. Out of nice 130g paper completely now. 

Solution: Aquire different paper.

Problem: First choice paper not available. 

Solution: Move to second choice.

Problem: Second choice not available.

Solution: Third choice.

I kept my calm through all this, and did learn a new technique to print booklets much more reliably. Thanks to the Camberwell campus technicians I now know to export my pages and print from Adobe Acrobat instead of directly printing from InDesign. This will save me paper, time and energy for more efficient printing in the future. 

At first I simply wanted a plain cover with the words "A Synesthestic Alphabet", I'm actually quite glad that did't work out. I much prefer the look of the marbles paper. in the future, I'd like to create my own marbles paper. Besides "The Yellow Wall-Paper" this is the only book for which I used pre-designed paper for my cover. All the over covers were my own creating. I'm especially proud of the cover for "Things That Are Blue", since it has both its title and my own cover design. Creating the cover for the Blue book was harder than the final product makes it look. Everything had to fit perfectly, with other paper wonky application doesn't matter, as the paper does not have any clear horizontal or vertical lines which must be kept aligned in relation to the book's edges. 

The reason I chose these marbled papers for my cover is because (at least the top line) makes me immediately think of Synesthesia. The second line were back ups. The way the multitude of colours swirl and combine together, and even the choice of colour matches my own experiences and the one's I've been told about from others. The black and white paper was also a serious candidate for cover paper. Even though it does not match the description above as to why I chose these papers, it follows a similar pattern. The black and white paper as the cover for "A Synesthestic Alphabet" would have had meaning of its own. The idea behind this was the the colour would all be inside the book. Unfortunately, this paper was out of stock. Thus I chose the 3rd paper, and am really happy with it actually. And finally, I chose a purple end paper to match the colour scheme of the cover paper. It gives it a completed look. What enhances this look, is seeing the two books together. The pattern is obviously not identical on each cover, thus allowing enough difference between the two to tell them apart.