Synesthesia is... (Book)

This book is part of my book making experimentation. Its a soft cover book containing images from my experimentation. The cover talks about Synesthesia being Neurological and Genetic, the paintings inside are a visual exploration of this. 

Parts of the cover are concealed, and only revealed when the wrap around cover (which doubles up as a poster) is removed. The contents of the book are put back into perspective when the cover is looked at thoroughly. The art work mimics neurons, approaching Synesthsia in an entirely new perspective to my other books. I like it in combination with "Things That Are Blue" and "A Synesthetic Alphabet", as this book seems like the odd one out. But I see so much of Synesthesia in this: strange and unexplained. The wrap around cover incorporates my experimentation back into my final outcome, as it comes from my initial screen prints. The clashing colours of the red within the book and the green outside are representative of the uncontrollable nature of Synesthesia, as in you do not have a say as to what you experience. There is no perfect colour scheme, it's random. Its a visual joke, commenting on the fact that there are so many books about the neurological and scientific side of synesthesia, but so little just about the reactions and, honestly, strangeness of it. My book covers both, in my style.