The Typewriter

While working in the print studio today, the technicians informed me about their new gadget: a typewriter. I was immediately left to play with it. I'm already trying to figure out how I could possibly incorporate this into my current project. Maybe typing over screenprints I've made, adding information or context about synesthesia. I'm still amazed by the fact that it can erase anything you've typed. I've already considered the idea of typing out an entire document only to erase everything again. A word document on a computer does not have the same effect, perhaps if you tipex-ed over a printed copy... The typewriter leave a sort of mark behind, an indent, of the letter was previously there. I am aware of the time constraints of this experimentation, thus might not end up doing it. I've thought of writing a word, then typing and subsequently erasing, the Synesthetic reaction to said word.